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Why Children Need to See an Eye Doctor & Not Just a School Exam

We often assume that as long as my child can see the board in school they are fine. They passed their vision text in school or with the pediatrician so they are all set, right? The fact is, however, that 25% of children who pass a vision test have a vision problem. They may be able to see the board well but there can be a number of underlining factors that are not being picked up. Since learning is 80% visual, isn't it best to ensure they are getting the best vision care possible?Brother and Sister Outdoors 1280×480

What will the Eye Doctor look for at my child's eye exam?

As mentioned, even if the school nurse is saying your child’s vision is 20/20 there are many more factors to check.

  • Near and farsight – see if your child has an issue seeing at a distance or up close.
  • Binocular Vision/Fusion – do the eyes work together or do they drift apart? Is there eye coordination? If not, they may have Binocular Vision Dysfunction
  • Focusing skills – can the eyes focus on items near and far
  • Lazy eye – making sure one eye isn’t dragging when the other is moving

This is why we recommend bringing your kid in for an eye exam at an early age. The AOA suggests as early as six months. This way you can ensure your child is seeing everything perfectly.